AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener Review

ProsAccuSharp 001

• Sharpens knife quickly and easily
• Edges can be renewed according to the need
• Safety grip that prevents unnecessary cuts
• Ergonomic design


• Important to keep at 90 degree angle on the knife’s edge for proper sharpening


Made up of Diamond-honed Tungsten Carbide, The Accusharp 001 Knife sharpener is an ideal tool that can be used by everyone for sharpening their knives and other cutting tools anytime, anywhere. The ergonomically designed handle fits into hands safely to render the maximum comfort. The high-quality material used in its making makes the sharpener rust-resistant, eventually making it easy to clean with soap or in the dishwasher.


The world’s fastest sharpener, Accusharp 001 Knife sharpener can sharp any kind of cutting tool, even with serrated edges, within 10 seconds. You do not have to worry about changing its blades anytime sooner as, it can be used for 6 years without any trouble.



If you want a razor-sharp edge, make sure the sharpener is kept at 90 degree angle to the knife’s edge. Even a slight up or down will not give you the desired sharpening results.
Warning: Do not sharpen the knife for hours.

Note: For best results, make sure you are sharpening the knives and other cutting tools after every 5 or 6 months.

It does not matter what type of knife you sharpen with the Accusharp 001 Knife sharpener! It is designed to be used for all types of cutting tools, even the ones with serrated and extremely blunt edges. With a slight downward pressure and 90 degree angle to the knife’s edge, you can get the sharpest edge for a never-before cutting and slicing experience.

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The Accusharp 001 Knife sharpener is one of the best tools that sharpen all types of cutting tools such as kitchen knives, cleavers and axes within a few seconds, without putting you under a messy situation.
It is available an exciting price. So, visit the portal and place your order today!

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