• 100% Diamond Abrasive that will not deteriorate with time.The Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone 120
  • Best for Serrated and Sporting knives
  • Available in white and black color.
  • Effective and easy to use
  • Quick Results


  • Produce noise while sharpen knives
  • Needs counter space

The Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone 120 is a durable electric knife sharpener that quickly sharpens blunt kitchen knives.  The best feature which makes it stand out from other knife sharpeners is it’s ‘polishing slot‘. Yes, it has two slots for sharpening and a separate slot for polishing.

Note: Built-in chaperones make knife sharpening process really smooth; but you have to be careful if you are using it for the first time because if you are not sure what you are doing you may end up with a scratched or over-sharpened knife.

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Performance –

I have tested several knife sharpeners, Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone is little pricey but deliver effective results as compared to any other electric or manual knife sharpener. The sharpening process is conducted in 3 stages – pre-sharpening, sharpening and polishing. This three step process makes the knife so sharp that you can slice through a piece of metal foil like you are slicing butter.

Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone gets top grades for fine performance in cutting tests organized by a Foodie Magazine.

According to the manufacturer, this electric sharpener works best with straight and serrated knives but I believe that it is more compatible with straight knives.

Warning: Although Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone is a heavy-duty electric sharpener but it is not suitable for Asian or hunting knives.

Usage –

It requires a little practice to use this sharpener like a pro. Built-in knife chaperones have spiral shaped holder which holds the knife properly. As name suggests, this sharpener is truly a chef’s choice. Most professional chefs appreciate the performance of Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone and at the same time requests home-makers to read the manual carefully to get the best results.

Note: Excessive use of sharpener might leave scratches on your knife. I hope, by now you know if this product is a right fit for your requirement or not.

Safe but little Noisy –

Although the knife sharpener is really safe to use, it gets a little noisy while sharpening. No need to be scared even if you are using it for the first time, it poses no problems because the knife slot has firmly tucked the knife blade.

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