With so many choices, it can be a quite difficult task to choose the best knife sharpener that meets all your sharpening needs. Don’t worry! this little guide will help you to select the best one. But, first you should consider what type of knife you need to sharpen.

Generally there are two types of knife sharpeners:

Electric knife sharpeners
Manual knife sharpeners

If you want to stay away from physical stress, an electric knife sharpener is the ideal choice for you otherwise you can go with a manual knife sharpener.

Qualities Of The Best Knife Sharpener

  • best knife sharpenerSuperb Performance- This feature matters a lot as consumer always go with a knife sharpener that has ability to produce a keen edge.
  • A Perfect Angle Guide – We can’t ignore this feature while purchasing the knife sharpener because it is necessary to hold the knife blade at the correct position.
  • Several Sharpening Stages – This feature comes like an add-on in the knife sharpener (example- Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone) so that user can easily sharpen blunt knives and gives final touch at the polishing stage.
  • Ample Safety Features – It should be easy for inexperienced users to use the sharpener if knife sharpeners come along with ample safety features.
  • Warranty Satisfaction – Consumers would love to buy the knife sharpener if it comes with warranty feature as it assures consumer to get paid off in case of any mishap.

You have to keep in mind that different types of knives may require different methods of sharpening. For instance- if you want to sharpen Asian or sporting knives then you should choose the manual knife sharpener.

On the flip side, if you want to sharpen your kitchen knives, an electric knife sharpener is all your need.

What I personally recommend

I am in the favor of electric knife sharpeners not because these systems are specifically meant to provide hair splitting sharpness but because these sharpeners are easy to use & less time-consuming.

With manual knife sharpeners, you need a lot of practice to sharpen a knife like a pro. But the picture is completely different with electric knife sharpener.