Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener


  • Sharp your knife like a pro with 3 stage sharpening system.
  • Best works with kitchen & sporting knives.
  • Handy Blade Selector adjustment switch.
  • Optimized sharpening angles.


  • Pretty large size.
  • Needs counter space.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is a superb yet affordable product that can give you perfect result in sharpening. It can be quite difficult for novice to sharpen a blunt knife but Presto 08810 has optimized sharpening angles. You will be amazed to see that sharpening process is quite hassle-free with optimized angles.

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What I Like The Most
Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is one of my favourites because its handy blade selector adjustment makes the sharpening process really simple. Set your knife in an appropriate adjustment slot to get the super fine edge.

Performance –

A professional chef always require a sharp knife that perfectly cuts veggies & fruits. Being a chef, I can’t ignore the performance of knife sharpener.

Most knife sharpeners have three slots for sharpening. But Presto 08810 knife sharpener’s optimal angles give an ideal edge to the knife. Getting tired of using dull knives, book your order and sharp your knives like never before.

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Usage –

Most users of Presto 08810 knife sharpener claim that it is tricky to use this system but I personally think one should start with cheap knives. System test is important if you want to sharp your knife like a pro. You can watch this video to get better understanding on how to use Presto 08810 knife sharpener. After a few attempts, you’ll be able to use this sharpener like a pro.

Don’t mislead with the big size of Presto 08810 knife sharpener it doesn’t look awkward if you put it on the kitchen top. Quite easy to carry and use. From aesthetic point of view, this knife sharpener get my seal of approval.

Presto 08810 knife sharpener has three stage sharpening slots that are quite helpful to make blunt knives extremely sharp within 2-3 minutes. Time would vary from knife to knife. For instance- if you perform test on ‘really dull knife’ (knife that completely lost its edge), then it will definitely take more than 10 minutes to bring it back to its fine edge.

Once you performed the sharpening procedure, you will get really sharp edged knife. All thanks!! to the Presto 08810 knife sharpener’s three stage sharpening slots. These slots work in an effective manner.

Note: You can use three stage sharpening slots of Presto 08810 in a different way depending on the state of your knife.

If you have come across with poor cutting edged knife, you can make use of stage one slot that is remarkably strong otherwise stage two and three are perfect for sharpening.

A really unique feature of Presto 08810 is handy blade selector adjustment switch which is found next to the slot two.

Within this feature, 3 adjustments are available: thick, medium and thin. It completely depends on your requirements, how you set these adjustments and make use of it. In addition, you can place this sharpener securely on the kitchen top because the suction cups located at the bottom of the product.

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