How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives


As I mentioned in my knife sharpeners reviews, a sharp knife is really necessary for good cooking skills. A professional chef needs a sharp edged knife so that he or she can effectively slice & dice to prepare delicious food.

With regular usage, a knife gets dull or blunt and thus need sharpening. There are several options available out there which you can use to sharpen a dull knife. For instance – you can use a sharpening stone or send knives to the professional for sharpening; who can charge approximately $5 to $10 dollars per knife.

There is no problem to use these options but I think both the options are less practical & time consuming and I am sure you are not in the favor of wasting your precious time.

Is there any way to give a razor edge to your kitchen knives? Yes! You have a choice.

Electric Knife SharpenerElectric Knife Sharpener

Today, an electric knife sharpener is best way that gives a fine edge to your blunt knives. You must be surprised why I am in the favor of using an electric knife sharpener. There are many advantages of electric knife sharpeners. Using electric knife sharpeners is a cost-effective and less time consuming method.

In-built knife chaperons make your knife sharpening process really simple. There is an additional polishing slot in an electric knife sharpener which you can use to hone a knife properly.

Besides this, if you believe that the traditional sharpening stone is better choice for your kitchen knives then you can use Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Sharp Duo Knife Sharpener. I have tested several knife sharpeners and this is one of the best manual knife sharpeners. Manual knife sharpener gives the total control to the user while sharpening knives but you need practice to sharpen like a pro. Mainly this method is used to sharpen serrated and ceramic knives.  

Sharpening Stones

Sharpening stones generally come in rectangular blocks with fine grit & coarse grit. If you are using a sharpening stone for the first time; make sure you soak the stone in water for around 10 to 20 minutes as this will help to lubricate the knife while sharpening.

Once you have done this procedure in the right way, sit it down on a rug or towel with the rough side facing upward. Now maintain the angle that you will use for the knife. The most preferred angle is 20 – 25 degrees. Every knife has different requirements; for example- Japanese knives require a steeper angle [around 15 degrees] so if you are sharpening a Japanese knife set the angle 15 degree.