• Smiths Consumer Products TRI-6 3-Stone Knife SharpenerEasy stone rotation with rotating triangle block
  • Non-skid base with V-shaped holder for oil drops
  • 3-stones makes it a complete sharpening system
  • Sharpening angle manual for the first time users
  • Protects and cleans the sharpening surfaces with Premium Honing Solution.


  • Small size.

Smiths Consumer Products TRI-6 three-stone knife sharpener come with the stones already set in the block. Easy stone rotation gives you the perfect angle for sharpening knives. It is best work with kitchen knives.

TRI-6 three-stone knife sharpener is the cost-effective choice for those who know how to sharpen a knife with stone.  For newbies, there is a knife sharpening guide to teach basic correct angle for sharpening.


TRI-6 three-stone knife sharpener gives you the perfect sharp edge thru which you can easily cut even bond paper thus, I can say that it does the job I paid it for. The main thing which I discovered is that it is originally developed for pocket and smaller hunting knives. 

Get This Stone Knife Sharpener At The Best Price

Note: The small size of TRI-6 three-stone knife sharpener is little bit disappointing and not suitable for Santoku or Japanese knives.


When it comes to selecting a knife sharpener, I have always emphasizes on the system test. The reason behind that it would be helpful to evaluate the strength of the sharpening system. This knife sharpener is small in size so you can adjust it easily on the kitchen counter-top.

Make use of honing oil is bit important while sharpening. Lubricant which you generally used in machinery can also work fine.

Warning: Be careful if you are sharpening the big size Asian or Sporting knife as it may skid from the base and you may get injured.

In the nutshell, TRI-6 three-stone knife sharpener is a complete sharpening system that is affordable and delivers promising results. 

Regain the life of your blunt kitchen knives quickly with TRI-6 three-stone knife sharpener.

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