Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener


  • The WSKTS have premium abrasive belts that sharpen every knife like a pro quickly
  • Consistent results & meet all your sharpening needs: coarse, medium and fine
  • Compatible with a wide range of bladed shop tools, lawn & garden tools
  • Comes with 1 year warranty, valid for North American 110v power source applications
  • Supportive sharpening guides                                                                                          WSKTS Complete Kit


  • The WSKTS gets hot quickly so can’t use continuously
  • Will only sharpen the flat side of a serrated blade

The Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener is an ideal combination of supple premium abrasive belts & precision sharpening guides that provide hair splitting sharpness to your knife. You can sharpen almost every type of knife with this sharpener.

You are here to read reviews of the WSKTS that means you are looking for the sharpener which has the potential of sharpen kitchen knives, outdoor knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, serrated knives as well as scissors. Believe me!! This sharpener performs outstandingly well.

I appreciate this sharpener as it also works for my Benchmade folding knife with thumb stud. So what are you waiting for GUYS!! 

Get This Knife-Sharpening Station At The Best Price

Performance –

The WSKTS is an advanced abrasive belt sharpening system that creates the sharpest blades rapidly & easily.  Other sharpeners can’t beat the sharpening results of the WSKTS.

Usage –

Work Sharp’s WSKTS knife and tool sharpener provides you superb sharpening functionality. It is a great blend of precision guides & abrasive belts (flexible in nature) that steadily hone the correct angle needed. These belts specifically designed to sharpen every kind of knife and tool available in your collection. The best feature of the WSKTS is that it won’t scorch or damage blade steel.

Warning: The WSKTS gets hot quickly thus it is better for you not to use it more than 20 minutes continuously. Follow the manual carefully to get sharp edged knives and you can also watch this instructional video.

Note: The WSKTS is different from other sharpeners because of its “abrasive belts”. These flexible belts have a convex edge which promises extremely sharp blades effortlessly.

Undoubtedly, this instrument is the perfect choice for individuals who are looking for the professional-grade razor edges on their own.  You can use it at home, in the garage or on the workshop.

Get Precise Angle With The WSKTS

When I am saying ‘precise angle’ I mean full functionality or complete control over the system. The WSKTS has perfect angle sharpening guides which can give you the correct angle every time you sharpen. You can set angle guide according to your requirements; for instance you can set 50 degree angle for hunting or sporting knives, a 40 degree angle guide is best suitable for kitchen knives (thinner blades). This system is also suitable for scissors.

Versatile design

Unlike other electric knife sharpeners, this sharpener refines or sharpens curved knives, tanto blades, filet knives etc. I hope now you understand why this sharpener is in my good books!! Discount offer open for limited period, click this button to grab it now.

This sharpener not only provides a razor sharp edge but it fulfils all my sharpening requirements. Whether it is your Garden pruners, shovels, lawn mower blades or any other yard tools, you can get a perfect edge with the WSKTS.

Moreover, this instrument is helpful in deburring projects and works well for light-duty grinding process.

Initial components

  • Work Sharp WSKTS knife and tool sharpener
  • Two P80 coarse belts, two P220 medium belts & two 6000 fine belts
  • One 40-degree kitchen knife sharpening guide, one 50-degree outdoor knife guide (in which serrated knife guide and scissor guide included)
  • A user’s manual plus an instructional DVD.

The WSKTS is act like a sharpening station which meets all your sharpening requirements plus you can afford it easily. But still if you are looking for more choices, then you can read reviews of other sharpeners.

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